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Unusual Gold, Ivory and Jadeite Brooch

This brooch has been the subject of ongoing debate. It is certainly 19thc…probably between 1860 and 1880….it is a pair of teeth, surrounded by a figure made of at least 20ct gold with Chinese hallmarks and set with a lovely piece of jadeite. In the 19th century gold was not abundant in China and was […]

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Hand carved stone beads

Eight years ago this amazing string of carved stone beads appeared in my life to begin my exploration of the world of Chinese personal ornaments…since I had always loved beads it was surprising to find something I had never seen before…and because the first collection that I ever assembled was cameos, I understood something about […]

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Silver Chinese Bracelets

A pair of bracelets was the traditional betrothal gift for many women in China …worn one on each wrist… this pair is solid silver, handmade and marked with Chinese ideograms. The bracelets are decorated with one motif repeated three times …two dragons chasing the sun… the dragons represent fertility or male power and the sun […]

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Jade Necklace

Fifteen years ago when this necklace first appeared in my life there was no Chinese collection or even the thought of one…my fixation then was Mexican silver…… but these were unusual beads and somehow they never went into the sale pile….so they seem the right place to start…three color jade…translucent white and yellow beads set […]

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Chinese Jewelry Collection

The history of the human race is recorded in its’ jewelry…so part of the excitement for me is discovering where an ornament fits in the historic landscape…what it meant to the original owners… These early 20thc figures of a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Emperor and Empress came to me by accident…I stumbled across them while looking […]

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