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Beads From a Court Necklace

Two lapis beads, 25mm each, hand carved and reticulated. Each bead has been pierced at least 40 times and the beads appear to have been hollowed out on the inside. 72 wooden beads, hand carved and reticulated. The wooden beads appear to be identical to the beads in the Mandarin Court necklace pictured in Margaret […]

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Eight Immortals in Enamel and Silver

The eight figures on this bracelet are known in Chinese mythology as the Eight Immortals or Baxian. Popular figures, the Immortals are not gods. They are humans who, after many lifetimes of spiritual practice, meditation and sacrifice transcended to an immortal form. They live on a magical mountain where there it is forever summer and […]

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Carved White Jade and Silver Set-Immortals

When I look at this set I hear Sam Spade in my head, "this is the stuff that dreams are made of"…who wore this set and for what occasion? I will never know…but my imagination always takes hold of me when I look at it. Nephrite jade…a creamy white, (my photographer tells me that it […]

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