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Chinese Carved Coral Necklace

This exquisite 19th century salmon coral necklace is composed of 51 hand carved coral Chinese beads. Each bead is 8 mm.   The beads are carved on two sides with the long life symbol. Hand knotted on a silk cord, it has a 14KY gold clasp.     An example of incredible workmanship, the beads […]

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Chinese Carved Jade Pendant 19thc

This is the work of a master carver, 6mm thick at the outside edges, the stone has been carved with elaborate images on both sides of the stone to a depth of 2mm on each image. When the stone is held to a light sections of the background are translucent. Both images feature Chinese mythological […]

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White Jade Bracelet

In 1644 the new Manchu Dynasty brought fashion changes in everything from hairstyles to personal adornment…including jewelry. In 1912, when the dynasty fell out of power, style and priorities changed again. Ornaments associated with court life were often reworked for sale to the west.  The centerpiece of this bracelet is a 19th century Nephrite jade […]

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