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Chinese Wedding Set-Jade and Silver

It seems appropriate to start June with a a set of ornaments associated with weddings… in this case a Buddhist wedding. This set of nephrite jade, silver, and coral earrings and clip are carved with such delicacy that from a distance they look like lace.

1m-786691The jade in the clip is carved with two figures standing on each side of a large vase. The figures, bald and smiling are commonly referred to as the Heavenly Twins or Hoho Twins or Hehe-Erxian Twins…they symbolize perfect partnership…they are Buddhist monks who also guard the home and protect marriages. The vase between them symbolizes peace and harmony and is decorated with the Shou symbol for long life.

Now look closely at the bouquet of flowers that come out of the vase. Are you shocked, surprised? According to Wikipedia evidence of swastika ornaments goes back to the stone age – in Asia that would be about 7500 BC …and the swastika was widely used in religions such as Buddhism. It symbolizes 10,000 blessings, immortality infinity and the heart of Buddha.


On the earrings we see the twins again …this time each of them carrying a lotus, another symbol for marital bliss. The coral balls that enhance the earrings are miniature works of art…the tiny coral beads are strung on silk cord and then sewn over a wooden ball. This salmon coral was imported from the Mediterranean and was highly prized by the Chinese…only the wealthiest families could afford it.

May the Hoho Twins and 10,000 blessings visit all the couples who marry this June…

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