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The Mandarin Court Necklace

The Mandarin Court Necklace is the goal of the serious collector. Legend has it that the Court necklace was patterned after a mala (a string of Tibetan prayer beads) that were given to Emperor Shunzhi (1644-1661) as a gift from the Dalai Lama. The beads are precious and semiprecious stones, most of them elaborately carved. […]

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Rose Carved Cherry Amber Necklace

I still remember the first time I saw one of these beads. Eighteen years ago, a friend (also a fellow bead lover) and I were searching our favorite flea market. We came across a short string of these on an old rotting brown thread-about 20 beads…not enough for a necklace and very expensive…but we loved […]

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19th Century Chinese Silver Box

A work of art you can hold in your hand. Silver, repousse, chased and under carved on each side. The floras at the corners of the top are young prunus blossoms (plum or apricot family) associated with long life. At the center are two birds surrounded by the prunus with ripened fruit on the branches. […]

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