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Chinese Jade Devil’s Work Necklace

This dramatic necklace is an example of the art form of carving and piercing jade that Chinese often refer to as ‘the devil’s work’. The necklace is composed of five nephrite jade carvings connected by a series of balls and circular links covered with 1mm glass beads. The four identical carvings are called ‘flower baskets’. […]

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Chinese Silver Tourmaline Bracelet

One of the joys of collecting jewelry from the other side of the globe is the difference in style and techniques. The second pleasure for me is coming across stones not usually seen in our North American pieces. This bracelet, c1910, has at center a 19c tourmaline carving of two fat birds sitting on a […]

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Chinese Chicken Bone Jade Necklace

Several sources state that Nephrite Jade which has been through a fire or buried for a long time will develop an unusual surface calcification, losing color and becoming a chalky white…like these beads. According to the Collector’s Book of Jade, by Arthur and Grace Chu, this jade, which is called ‘chicken bone’, is highly valued […]

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Chinese Carved Silver Four Ling Bracelet

When I look at the bracelet I hear my art history professor in my head… "classic design…balance…great proportions and execution". The size and weight (54 grams) suggest to me that is was made for a man rather than a woman. This is a 19th century silver bracelet…carved with rich symbolism that depicts thousands of years […]

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