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Chinese Bone and Coral Set

This glamorous 4 piece set celebrates one of the Daoist 8 Immortals, He Xiangu, the patron deity of housewives. There are many differing stories of He-Xiangu and how she became an Immortal… that she was attacked by a demon and rescued by Lü Yan (Lü Dòngbin) …or that Lü Dòngbin fell in love with her […]

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Qing Dynasty Silver Jade Lock

This is a piece of history…elaborate repoussé silver on one side: silver and nephrite jade on the other. Its beauty is compelling even if one is not familiar with the rich symbolism depicted in the figures and symbols on this massive (15.5cm x 14cm) piece. By the start of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) there was […]

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New Items for the Listing Gallery

Today we added 27 new items to the PrivateCollection gallery. Please browse around and contact us if you have any questions. These pieces will be listed exclusively on this site for a week before we add them to the catalogue on Trocadero. Enjoy!

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