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Chinese Enamel Immortals Silver Set

When the words ‘Chinese’ and ‘enamel’ are combined, many people automatically think of cloisonné. In Oriental Cloisonné and Other Enamels, 1975, the Chu’s support the theory that  cloisonné was introduced into China from Persia in the 13th and 14th centuries during the Mongol invasions. Cloisonné enamel frequently appears on Chinese jewelry of the late 19th […]

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Listing Gallery Update

We are adding these items to the listing gallery today. Be sure to contact me with any questions. Enjoy!

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Chinese Silver Enamel Coral Dragon Bracelet

As a collector, I love to find variations on a theme …the two dragons chasing the pearl is one of the most common images in Chinese ornaments and this is the third dragon and pearl bracelet that I have written about. Hand cut salmon coral beads; threaded and wrapped … sliver dragons with blue enamel […]

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Chinese Daoist Wedding Bracelet

Colour was the first thing that attracted me to this bracelet… red and green… with vibrant blue highlights. In China red and green are the colours of life … associated with summer and spring … traditional wedding clothing is red …fertility is associated with the colour green. Here the red enamel is a bottle gourd… […]

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Anniversary Already?

It is hard to believe that an entire year has gone by since the PrivateCollection site was launched! I want to thank all of the readers who have encouraged us to ‘keep at it’ with their emails and support. We have posted 26 entries this year and we look forward to posting more entries. Please […]

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