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Chinese Coral Enamel Kingfisher Set

Eye candy… that’s what I call this set … the brilliant blue of kingfisher feathers is a perfect contrast for the tube of coral seed beads… a medium salmon red. I had a dear friend of mine, a professional bead artist, examine this necklace to explain how is was constructed. He says the coral was […]

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Centuries of Chinese Silver-Republished

A year ago, I was asked to write an article for the Canadian Magazine Jewellery Business. “Centuries of Chinese Silver” appeared in their February 2007 edition. We have created a version of the article in the PictureBook section of the site to make it easier for readers to reference it.   The original article is […]

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Chinese Kingfisher Set

My last post was about the beauty of Chinese enamels. For thousands of years Chinese artisans found another way to add colour to their metal ornaments without enameling. The art; tian-tsui (“dotting with kingfishers”) utilized the iridescent blue feathers of the Kingfisher as an inlay for ornaments ranging from large decorative screens to the small […]

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