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Chinese Reeled and Plied Silk Thread

The Mystery of the Mandarin Court Bead People who know me will know that I love a good mystery… from Sherlock Holmes to Miss Marple and Joe Leaphorn… and for many years I have been puzzled by finding fabulous Chinese beads with holes that were so large that no standard thread was large enough to […]

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Chinese White Jade Caving

The figures, bald and smiling are commonly referred to as the Heavenly Twins or Hoho Twins or Hehe-Erxian Twins…they symbolize perfect partnership and express the idea that harmony is more profitable than strife … so for centuries they were offered as wedding gifts in China. This lovely example gives me an opportunity to compare two […]

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Chinese Silver Jade Set by Liu

In the world of Chinese silver jewelry and ornament, very few individual craftsmen have been identified. Many dramatic pieces like the large enamel or Daoist Wedding Bracelet would logically have been the work of several artists … a silversmith, a specialist in enameling and a stone carver …so each piece is the product of a […]

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