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Chinese Moss on Snow Seed Pearl Necklace

‘Moss on snow’ is the popular name for a type of jade with patterns of white and green… and this lovely pendant with a seed pearl necklace is the best example of moss on snow in the collection… and the carving is very special. The Chinese have been perfecting the craft of stone carving for […]

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Chinese Sycee Silver Bracelet

This is the most expressive piece of jewelry in the collection. The stone head with its aged patina… the delicately carved scales of the dragonfish that surround the head …suggest a  story … a story that goes back to the period of the Second Opium War (1856-1860). One of the great American experts on objects […]

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Chinese Mutton Fat Jade Earrings

More Devil’s Work White Jade… Sometimes when I am looking for a piece, I feel like a huntress stalking my prey…  looking under every leaf and branch for signs… peering around every tree… catching a glimpse while trying not to get too excited… and then finally…. success! This Devil’s Work necklace came into my life […]

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