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Chinese Mutton Fat Jade Earrings

More Devil’s Work White Jade… Sometimes when I am looking for a piece, I feel like a huntress stalking my prey…  looking under every leaf and branch for signs… peering around every tree… catching a glimpse while trying not to get too excited… and then finally…. success!


This Devil’s Work necklace came into my life about two years ago …it is certainly one of my favorites…the most delicate carving that I have ever owned…but ever since I bought it, one question has troubled me… “what earrings can I wear with this?”



Men may laugh but women will understand this question… the rarity of the carving demands earrings of the same quality.

So, in pursuit of the matching earrings, I hunted through auction catalogues and every online site I could think of. I found one pair that turned out to be broken… another pair with the same carving but different color stone… then finally…the same stone and the same carved baskets… the female equivalent of bagging a moose…!

3  4

Hmmm… now all I have to do is find some of those tiny red beads to replace the seed pearls… the hunt begins again. 

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