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Chinese Hollow Carved Serpentine Beads

My readers know that I love a good mystery… so perhaps the title of this post should really be… “The Mystery of the Chinese Hollow Carved Serpentine Beads… Vintage or Antique?” We found this string of over 100 beads in the U.S. The beads are approximately 22mm …hollow carved, some pierced 12 times, some 16… […]

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PrivateCollection… Items offered for the first time!

We are please to announce that for the first time, a limited number of items from the PrivateCollection PhotoBlog will be offered for sale. They will go on sale today, Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 8:00 EST. A special gallery has been set up just for these items. The items will be listed for 3 […]

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Chinese Small Jade Buttons

Many people I talk with seem to believe that only wealthy people are able to collect real jade… and that is not true. Most unset jade buttons and flowers just like these appear on today’s market at very reasonable prices. The small jades in these photos are commonly called ‘buttons or ‘flowers’… they have been […]

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