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Two Years Goes By So Quickly!

It is our second anniversary already! Thank you to our readers… your support and response has been wonderful.

Since PrivateCollection is a Photo-Blog, I asked Bob if he had any special unpublished photos to celebrate the event along with some commentary……


Susan in her first post wrote: “The history of the human race is recorded in its’ jewelry …so part of the excitement for me is discovering where an ornament fits in the historic landscape …what it meant to the original owners.”

The doll above was used to illustrate that post. I had never done a portrait of a doll. When I see this image now, it feels very real…it is almost like he is looking over ‘his’ collection.

The symbolism in the Chinese jewelry is always strong… but there are pieces where the symbols become the subject. This Qilin from the August 8, 08 Chinese Ingenuity in Silver post, has a personality of its own that is remarkable.


Then there are the pieces that are just fun. When I shot the series for the Chinese King Fisher Set post, I actually did some time-lapse photos of the dragons dancing around the broach… probably not the most efficient use of my time… but…

After I did it, I became aware of just how much ‘life’ there is in so many of the pieces… I began looking at all of the pieces differently. I spend much more time trying to find the essence of each one. Sometimes I get lucky and they let me capture it in a photo.

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I would like to join with Susan and thank everyone taking the time to visit our site and sending the great feedback that makes doing this such a joy!

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