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Chinese 19th century Carved Jade Lock Revisited

Photographing jade is always a challenge. It is difficult to capture the ‘life’ that is there. Normally, I wouldn’t include my fingers in a shoot… but with this piece it was easier to tilt the object than the camera. I had originally photographed this 19th century Nephrite Chinese lock for PrivateCollection’s 07-04-11 blog but I […]

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China Straits Silver Dragon Bracelets

These wonderful dragon bracelets came to me at different times from different sources… but the workmanship is so similar that I believe they were made by the same artist. The technique use is called filigree and granulation in most of  North America … in Europe it is called granule work … sometimes wirework. The detail […]

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Chinese Mandarin Court Necklace Glass Beads

This Mandarin Court Necklace has been sitting in one of my boxes for many years…the four drops do not match the counting or the head beads…but I have searched and searched and I still cannot find the blue glass drops. I decided to show the necklace as I found it…because this necklace begins a story…the […]

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