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Chinese Smoky Quartz Necklace

I came across this lovely 19th century Chinese smoky quartz carving many years ago. As I mentioned in my post on the Silver Carved Amethyst bracelet, stones in the quartz family are very difficult to carve… so it is rare to find a pendent of this quality. This is another work of art by a […]

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Chinese Monkey King in Jade

The monkey is a common subject in Chinese art… these two carvings represent the most famous monkey in Asia… His name is Sun Wu-Kong or the ‘Monkey King’… he is an important character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West…( Wikipedia has a wonderful synopsis). Patricia Welch in her book,  Chinese Art, Tuttle […]

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Chinese Qing Dynasty Hair Pins

In the Qing Dynasty, men of wealthy upper class wore hats and ornaments such as hat buttons the clearly indicated their rank. Their wives’ hair style and ornaments also tell a story…. I was fortunate to find these two silver repoussé enameled hairpins… these belonged to a Manchu woman. They are shaped like the ruyi […]

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