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Chinese Export Silver Bracelet Box

When is a box not a box? ….. Answer: when it is seven bracelets and a lid. Another great example of the ingenuity of the Chinese artisan. The bracelets are silver vermeil set with gemstones; serpentine, rock crystal, amethyst and carnelian with blue enamel leaves… two of the gemstone bracelets are attached to the box,,, […]

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Chinese Silver Lapis Buddha Ring

This is a lovely old lapis carving… two melons with the prunus blossom surrounded by silver rope and leaves… but this is also a ring that has a secret! Actually, it has two secrets… it opens to reveal a small lapis Buddha set in hand tooled silver and opposite the Buddha there is engraved a […]

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Chinese Silver Six Dragon Bracelet

In the West, the dragon is sometimes associated with danger and fear… the opposite is true in the East. The Chinese dragon is good natured… a symbol of male energy, fertility… he is the highest ranking animal in China. "Dragons are meant to be awe inspiring as they represent the collective forces of nature", Patricia […]

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