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Chinese Antique Eggshell Porcelain Beads

“The Emperor’s Beads” … these are the only beads that have ever made me cry … I bought them online four  years ago… and when I opened the package I found out that Customs had opened the box – unwrapped the beads and had broken 21 beads… I was so upset that I put the box in the back of the closet and didn’t look at them until a few months ago.


[ click on images to enlarge …. photos by: RP (Bob) Birt ]

“Yellow was the color associated with the Emperor ”… Chinese Art, Welch.

I am thinking about ways to restring the remaining beads. They are rare porcelain and hollow and yellow – you can see from the fragments how thin the porcelain is… hence the term "eggshell".


These are the most amazing beads that I have ever owned …

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