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Chinese Vintage Jade Silver Bracelet

This is a really wonderful example of a 1930’s era Chinese silver enamelled bracelet that features hand carved jade hair pin ornaments from the 19th century. We have shown similar bracelets from that era or earlier… many of them very large to hold magnificent carved plaques…


[ click on images to enlarge …. photos by: RP (Bob) Birt ]

It is not often that I come across an item that has a Bill of Sale with it … but instead of ending the story right there… it creates more questions than it answers. This bracelet is stamped: MADE IN CHINA… and found its way to Hong Kong but the date on the receipt was probably 40 years after the bracelet was made (and it shows very little if no wear). The date on the receipt is close to one of the major dates in modern Chinese history; the passing of Mao Zedong on September 9th of 1976.


Doing the research on this piece of jewelry prompted me to spend hours reading about this period in Chinese history. This is one of those times when  I wish that pieces could talk… the story that this bracelet could tell… not only about the artist who created it but the times that it lived in and how it made its way, first to Hong Kong and then to the US – via a tourist … who for whatever reason kept the receipt and bracelet in its original box.


Once again, a piece of jewelry becomes more than just a pretty ornament… teaching me…

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  1. Wayne
    Posted March 29, 2013 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    Your website looks gorgeous with so many beautiful collections, I am a new collector only.

  2. Janice Stribl
    Posted July 25, 2013 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Love your site, came across it trying to research a bracelet for my sister. It is stamped CHINA and SILVER, but looks gold. I would love to know if it is Vermeil and how old it is, but am unsure if I need to talk to a jeweler, antique dealer, or chinese art expert? Thanks.

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