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Mandarin Court Necklace-Qing Dynasty Cultural Icon

If one were to pick a single symbol or ‘cultural icon’ to represent the 268 years of the Qing Dynasty, the Mandarin Court Necklace would certainly be on the short list. This pictorial timeline, shows that the necklace is a ‘constant’ throughout the reign of all 12 of the Emperors and Consorts. The beginning of […]

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Chinese Canton Enamel – Cloisonné Bead Comparison

Neither of the these enamel techniques have their origins in China. Enamel painting was introduced probably from the French in the early 18th century where it was adapted with such skill that the form is often referred to as ‘Canton Enamel’ because …Chinese artisans excel in it. [ click on images to enlarge …. photos […]

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