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We invite guest bloggers to share their knowledge, experience and stories related to the collecting of Chinese Ornaments.

Mandarin Court Necklace-Qing Dynasty Cultural Icon

If one were to pick a single symbol or ‘cultural icon’ to represent the 268 years of the Qing Dynasty, the Mandarin Court Necklace would certainly be on the short list. This pictorial timeline, shows that the necklace is a ‘constant’ throughout the reign of all 12 of the Emperors and Consorts. The beginning of […]

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Out of the Attic

Chinese Mandarin Court Necklace Restoration Project Introduction In 2007 when we were just getting the blog started, one of the first pieces I photographed for Susan was a Mandarin Court Necklace. There are two things that I remember the most. The first was trying to figure out how to lay out a very large and […]

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Update–Chinese Mandarin Court Necklace Restoration

When we began the ‘Mandarin Court Necklace Restoration Project’, the first step was to contact Michael Cook, an expert in silk, (whose website, WormSpit, was referred to in an earlier post: Chinese Reeled and Plied Silk Thread) and send him one of the samples of the red silk used in the necklace. We asked Michael’s […]

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The life of Chinese Silver Symbolic Locks — a collector’s view

Yi Wang In the March of 1928, when my grandpa was 100 days (yes, days) old, the family held a big celebration party. The whole village came. Hundreds of silver symbolic locks covered a large table. Those were popular gifts at that time. Chinese people treasure silver; because China had been short of silver supply […]

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CC …Distinguishing Antique Jades

The jade collectors often say that they distinguish antique jades from modern or counterfeit ones by examining a piece in 4 aspects: [ A partial view of the celadon jade mountain carved by the court order of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty c. 1660] Only if everything mentioned BELOW is in order, we will comfortably […]

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