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Susan Claire Dods…

She lived with joy, grace and beauty …and will forever be at peace – in eternal beauty. Photo by John Dods

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Simply Susan…

This is tough to write … Susan has begun the final phase of her life after almost 2 years of dealing with a very rare bone marrow disease—Aplastic Anemia. She is resting comfortably at our amazing community hospital’s palliative care unit. After almost 120 transfusions and endless hours receiving them at the centre, always with […]

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Beads Beads and More Beads

Many of you who have read my past blogs know that I have been a bead collector for many years… the extraordinary Chinese beads are what led me to collecting Chinese Jewelry. Beads are not as easy to display as some of the other collections… they cannot be put in albums like coins or stamps […]

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Chinese Imperial Yellow Porcelain Beads

In my September 2011 blog I wrote: “The Emperor’s Beads” … these are the only beads that have ever made me cry … I bought them online four  years ago… and when I opened the package I found out that Customs had opened the box – unwrapped the beads and had broken 21 beads… I […]

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Chinese Dress Clips-An overlooked Treasure

Over the years, we have watched the market for Chinese Ornaments soar along with their prices. I am not sure what I would do today if I wanted to begin collecting in this fascinating area. Along with the costs, there is now the added problems of fakery …as some people exploit the demand and the […]

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