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Chinese Multi-Gemstone Necklace-Export

The Jade Wedding set in my previous posting was an example of Chinese ornaments made for the Chinese market; the symbols have little meaning for the Westerner.

This multi-gemstone necklace is from the first quarter of the 20th century. Tourmaline, jade, amethyst, rose quartz and blue quartz set en vermeil…this is an example of what I call Chinese export silver jewelry.

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07-06-09  Chinese Multi-Gemstone Necklace-Export

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The design is targeted to appeal to the non-Asian market but contains traditional Chinese details.

The round link that contains a square represents a Chinese coin in/good fortune…but it also works as a contrast with the jeweled links.

The gemstones are decorated with flowers and grapes-fertility symbols in China…but also popular symbols for Westerners.

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