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Dragons and Pearl Bracelet Dragons and Pearl Bracelet    

Sometimes I let myself say WOW...This bracelet is the reason that I find something that I never knew existed.

If you read the posting about the Wedding bracelets you will recognize the motif...two dragons chasing the pearl...but this time the the scale has been enlarged and the popular dragon motif is in technicolor enamel and the symbolic pearl is amber.

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07-09-12 Dragons and Pearl Bracelet

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There are 56 different ethnic groups recognized today by the Government of China each with their own traditional best guess is that this bracelet was made for one of the northern groups where this larger scale is popular.

It's original owner was tests as silver, quite heavy at 166 grams and enameling was expensive. Checked all of my references and can't find anything like it.

Inner:6.5cm x5.8cm  Outside:10cm x 10.2cm  Weight: 166 grams

Singapore RE 2.5.2