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Chinese Mutton Fat Jade Necklace

I seem to be on a theme lately of ... "I've Never Seen This Before!"

When I began in the antique business we were liquidating estates…emptying houses from top to bottom…after about ten years, I believed it meant something when I said... “I’ve never seen that before”.

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07-09-21 Chinese Mutton Fat Jade Necklace

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After 20 years, a humbler self realized that there still was a great deal that I had never seen…and did not know…and I began to narrow my field.
Now, after 40 years in a business, (where knowledge is the basis of everyone’s income), I once again allow myself to say…with some confidence… “I’ve never seen these before”.
The center bead is a sea foam green... 34mm x 30mm, pierced 34 times with 2 holes on one side that transverse the bead vertically and 3 holes that transverse the bead horizontally, (bead people will know that this is very unusual). This bead would have been originally used as a toggle.
The carved white beads are 12mm, each pierced approximately 28 times. One can see from the photos that each bead is completely hollowed out in the middle. They have the luster of mutton fat nephrite jade.
This is an example of a 20th century designer necklace made with early Chinese beads and 20th c gold findings. The jade beads are so unusual that I believe they are 18th c... because... " " ;)

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