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Chinese Chicken Bone Jade Necklace

The Chinese call this 'Chicken-Bone Jade'.

Several sources state that Nephrite Jade which has been through a fire or buried for a long time will develop an unusual surface calcification, losing color and becoming a chalky these beads.

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07-10-10 Chinese Chicken Bone Jade Necklace

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According to the Collector's Book of Jade, by Arthur and Grace Chu, this jade, which is called 'chicken bone' is highly valued by the Chinese because it is usually very old.

But,  the Chu's go on to say "many Nephrite objects of low quality jade were deliberately burned to create fake archaic pieces."

I have been unable to find any sources that suggest a way to determine if Chicken Bone Jade has been faked...I would love to hear from anyone with more information.

This necklace is composed of 62 beads, hand carved, with the Shou symbol and pierced 18 times.

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