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Chinese Bone and Coral Set

This glamorous 4 piece set celebrates one of the Daoist 8 Immortals, He Xiangu, the patron deity of housewives. There are many differing stories of He-Xiangu and how she became an Immortal...

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07-11-28 Chinese Bone and Coral Set

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that she was attacked by a demon and rescued by L Yan (L Dngbīn) ...or that L Dngbīn fell in love with her and brought her to join the Immortals. Author Richard Wilhelm was told; that she had sworn never to marry and one day when she was cooking rice, L Dngbīn came and released her and she joined the Immortals still holding the ladle in her hand.

Clearly made for a prosperous housewife...the carved plaques are tea stained ivory or bone (difficult to tell), surrounded by coral and set in vermeil...filigree flowers and clouds...with coral good fortune symbols.

Singapore RE 2.5.2