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Chinese Silver Jade Set by Liu

In the world of Chinese silver jewelry and ornament, very few individual craftsmen have been identified.

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08-03-11 Chinese Vermeil Jade Set by Lui

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Many dramatic pieces like the large enamel or Daoist Wedding Bracelet would logically have been the work of several artists ... a silversmith, a specialist in enameling and a stone carver each piece is the product of a workshop not an individual artist.

So I was excited when I found this set... with the name of its artist... the same artist who set the sapphire and seed pearl necklace I featured in my December 06, 2007 post.

Liu has a distinct personal style ... no repoussť or carving ... his delicate floral's and figural symbols are engraved on vermeil. The style suggests to me that he worked in the period between 1890 and 1920 when this lighter style was very popular in western markets.

The quality of the stones he uses in the pieces I own...the fabulous sapphire ...the high grade translucent jade, also suggest that his work was primarily custom made. Thank you Mr. Liu!

Singapore RE 2.5.2