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Chinese Carved White Jade Heavenly Twins

The figures, bald and smiling are commonly referred to as the Heavenly Twins or Hoho Twins or Hehe-Erxian Twins...they symbolize perfect partnership and express the idea that harmony is more profitable than strife … so for centuries they were offered as wedding gifts in China.

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08-03-19 Chinese White Jade Heavenly Twins

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This lovely example gives me an opportunity to compare two similar jade carvings... this and one from the 07-06-01 Chinese Wedding Set-Jade and Silver post.

Both pieces are white jade, both are hand carved and reticulated.. but this example is rarer than the first…the jade is a finer stone with more luster and the carving is more elaborate; all the edges are fully rounded and both sides of the stone are fully carved with the same scene … a tour de force of carving.

The custom gold frame is a later addition …and reflects the value the owner placed on this piece.

c.18th-19th century, carved white (mutton fat) jade Heavenly Twins... set in 20th century custom made 14KYG frame. Frame: 4.5cm x 5.8cm, Jade: 4cm x 5.5cm, Thickness: 5mm.

Singapore RE 2.5.2