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Chinese Ingenuity in Silver

As we looked at the list trying to decide what to write about occurred to me that it made some sense to write about another Qilin to build on the information in the last 2 posts. This 1920's bracelet is not only a great example of how a Qilin is used ornamentally but also the ingenuity found in Chinese silver jewelry.

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08-05-08 Chinese Ingenuity in Silver

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From each end of the cuff a Qilin head grins at you...surrounded by floral and palm engravings... the top of the cuff is carved repoussť birds. The massive size and elaborate workmanship make this an ostentatious display of wealth and power.

Several years ago I found a smaller bracelet with the same construction made of brass and copper. Both bracelets have the same makers mark; #23 SG MADE IN CHINA... but clearly these were custom made for different wrists.

This is the most ingenious construction I have ever seen in a bracelet... The artist took the form of of the bracelet and turned the entire bracelet into a clasp.

We have shown this to several jewelry experts and they agree... what a remarkable combination of form and function... not to mention beauty!

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