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This is a classic example of an early (100-150 year old) carved stone used as the centerpiece for a 20th century Chinese bracelet… fine wirework silver mesh decorated with openwork cloisonné enameled bats and longevity symbols…. The type of workmanship that can never be reproduced in today’s world.

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08-07-29 Chinese White Jade Chrysanthemum Bracelet

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The carving creats a uniqueness. While I have seen many variations of this bracelet over the last ten years, only once have I seen a duplicate carving.

The white jade flower, with 24 lobes, at the center of this bracelet is a chrysanthemum …a flower often associated with Japan because it is the crest of the Emperor of Japan. But, according to Wikipedia; the chrysanthemum was grown first in China as far back as 1500 BC and introduced to Japan in the 8th century AD …and much later brought to Europe in the 17th century on trade ships.

The Chinese chrysanthemum symbolizes autumn as well as longevity and endurance… a traditional gift of a pine branch and chrysanthemum blossoms carries the wish for long life to the recipient.

But for me it is the elegant simplicity of this white jade that I will remember the longest… I can see it with my eyes shut.

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