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Chinese Moss on Snow Seed Pearl Necklace

'Moss on snow' is the popular name for a type of jade with patterns of white and green... and this lovely pendant with a seed pearl necklace is the best example of moss on snow in the collection... and the carving is very special.

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08-10-28 Chinese Moss on Snow Seed Pearl Pendant

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The Chinese have been perfecting the craft of stone carving for several thousand years... pieces like the 'Devils Work' and all the carved beads are good examples... delicate carving, excellent workmanship...the patience of the Chinese carver reflected in every facet of the work.

This moss on snow carving has something extra that moves it into the realm of art ...this carver has looked into the raw stone ...seen a pattern within it ...allowed the pattern to emerge... all the melons are the bright greens... the background white. The design has not been imposed upon the has emerged from it... and that is the difference between art and craft.

This unknown Chinese artist reminds me of the Italian artist Michelangelo... when he carved his famous statue of David, he is reported to have said that; "the form existed inside of the uncut stone and it was the artist's (his) job to cut away the excess"...

How do two artists from different centuries and continents arrive at the same conclusion? Isn't it fun to wonder?

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