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Chinese Small Jade Buttons

Many people I talk with seem to believe that only wealthy people are able to collect real jade... and that is not true. Most unset jade buttons and flowers just like these appear on today's market at very reasonable prices.

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08-11-06 Chinese Small Jade Buttons

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The small jades in these photos are commonly called 'buttons or 'flowers'... they have been made in China for almost 2,000 years... each is hand carved. The white jade buttons are usually older than the green.

The contrast between newer export styles and traditional hair ornaments ... the jade buttons seem to have a timeless presence.

In China they were used as pendants, earrings, buttons or attached to ladies hair ornaments... they are most commonly carved in the form of flowers, birds or Qilin.

For most of the twentieth century, buttons were recycled and set in jewelry to be sold to the Western markets- like this brooch below and earrings pictured above.

With a bit of luck and perseverance, one could probably collect a hundred different examples of these miniature carvings... many centuries old...

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