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Chinese Silver 'Tutti Frutti' Style Bracelet

"Tutti Frutti" is an Italian phrase for "all fruits"... it is used to describe a desert or multicolored confection made from chopped fruit. Some of you may remember that Elvis Presley recorded a song with the same name. He even had a 'gal named Sue'...(at least in the song ;) ...

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09-02-10 Chinese Silver Tutti Frutti Style Bracelet

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Jewelry collectors also use the term 'Tutti Frutti' to describe jewelry that is a confection for the eye... like this bracelet. Three huge links with carved jade surrounded by cabochon cut tourmaline, sapphire, rose quartz, rock crystal and ruby...all set in silver vermeil filigree decorated with flowers...c. 1900-10.

It has many similarities to the ‘Chinese Multi-Gemstone Necklace-Export’ I wrote about in June 2007, that is in the PictureBook section.

Tutti Frutti ornaments have been made by many 20th century designers... but the style is attributed to Cartier (they have even trade marked the name). Their website says that after a trip to the east in 1925, Cartier was inspired by the carved colored stones he saw there and began to "transform semiprecious stones into stunning multicolored compositions."

Cartier took the style even further using rare precious stones... in November 2008, a Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet sold in Geneva for $190,000 US... but the auction record for a "superb Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet" was set in 2005 when one sold for over a million dollars.

If jewelry is the food for a woman's soul... this is definitely the desert course! 

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