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Chinese Carved Glass Knotted Beads

This fabulous necklace of oval blue glass beads carved the the Shou Symbol is an example of the finest Chinese glass carving…

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10-03-12  Chinese Carved Glass Knotted Beads

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It is also the best example that I have ever seen of another art form… Chinese knots. When pearls and precious stone beads are strung, a simple knot is placed between the beads to protect them from damage.

The knotting on this necklace is a 19th century style – but the simple button knots are made with gold thread…

The larger eternal knots (Pan Chang) show two connected eternal knots with suggests that this was a wedding necklace.

For more information: Chinese Knots for Beaded Jewellery by Suzen Millodot is available on Amazon.

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