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Chinese Silver Carved Amethyst Bracelet

This early amethyst carving of melons, flowers and a badger … symbols associated with marriage … is a work of art by a master craftsman.

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10-03-22 Chinese Silver Carved Amethyst Bracelet

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Amethyst is a member of the quartz family of gemstones so it has a crystal structure… in the West amethysts are usually seen faceted. It is very rare to see all this open work carving in a piece of quartz (which shatters so easily) …so it would require a VERY skilled carver!

The first time that I showed this bracelet to my gemologist Ralph Schroetter, he said "three artists: a carver, a silversmith and an enameller… between them, many hours of work … how does one put a value on that?"

The carving itself is probably Qing Dynasty… after 1911 many Qing ornaments were reworked for sale to Western markets. It is really a rare treasure – the only one of the ‘big bracelets’ set with amethyst I have ever seen.

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