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Chinese Smoky Quartz Necklace

I came across this lovely 19th century Chinese smoky quartz carving many years ago. As I mentioned in my post on the Silver Carved Amethyst bracelet, stones in the quartz family are very difficult to carve… so it is rare to find a pendent of this quality. This is another work of art by a master craftsman.

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10-04-27 Chinese Carved Smoky Quartz Necklace

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The subject of this carving is also a badger. Xiaotian Chen, our Chinese language site partner, told me that ‘badger’ in Chinese is pronounced as ‘huan"… the same sound as the word for joy. In Chinese folk lore the badger is said to be very loyal to its mate … the fruit is a melon… melon and vines represent the ability to reproduce and continue family lineage.

The beads in this necklace also came from China … I bought them from a west coast Canadian bead dealer who traveled to China twice a year to buy beads – she always had wonderful pieces … and these faceted smoked quartz beads were a perfect mate for the pendant.

I think they make a very attractive couple!

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