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Chinese Silver Six Dragon Bracelet

In the West, the dragon is sometimes associated with danger and fear… the opposite is true in the East. The Chinese dragon is good natured… a symbol of male energy, fertility… he is the highest ranking animal in China.

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10-05-11 Chinese Silver Six Dragon Bracelet

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"Dragons are meant to be awe inspiring as they represent the collective forces of nature", Patricia Welch, Chinese Art.

The dragons on this sterling bracelet face the sun and are surrounded by clouds… all symbols of good fortune… and there are six dragons… an auspicious number that means happiness and blessings.

So all of these symbols combine to suggest that this gorgeous piece of early 20th century silverwork was a wedding gift from a husband hoping for many sons.

When I look at this bracelet – hundreds of hours of hand crafted silver… it makes the traditional Western diamond ring look a little boring!

Singapore RE 2.5.2