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Chinese Silver Lapis Buddha Ring

This is a lovely old lapis carving… two melons with the prunus blossom surrounded by silver rope and leaves… but this is also a ring that has a secret!

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10-05-19 Chinese Silver Lapis Buddha Ring

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Actually, it has two secrets… it opens to reveal a small lapis Buddha set in hand tooled silver and opposite the Buddha there is engraved a figure sitting cross-legged in the lotus position, (feet placed on opposing thighs).

In the West, rings with hidden compartments are called ‘poison rings’… a tradition that goes back to 16th century Italy when Lucrezia Borgia was rumored to own ‘a hollow ring’ that she use to poison drinks…

This ring is not a poison ring… just the opposite… maybe we can call it a meditation ring or just a miniature work of art?

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