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Chinese Silver Pomander Earrings

In my searches for unusual examples of Chinese jewelry, I sometimes find pieces designed to contain something fragrant… they are called pomanders… a perforated container which can be filled with aromatic herbs or a piece of silk with scented oils.

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10-10-12 Chinese Silver Pomander Earrings

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My favorite examples of pomander jewelry are these two pair of early 20th century silver mesh earrings… the vase shaped earrings actually have small lids attached with a chain…

The second pair will look a bit odd to westerners eyes…they are made in the shape of a Shang Dynasty (1384-1111BC) vessel. The first archeological excavation of the Shang period tombs took place about the time that these earrings were made… c. 1920-30.

Large hollow carved beads and jade pendants are also common examples.

These are yet another example of the ingenuity and subtly of Chinese adornments… which makes collecting Chinese jewelry so interesting.

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