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Chinese Silver and Wood Bracelets

Another interesting design by #23 ...These two bracelets were also made by the same designer as the pieces in my last blog. Again the construction of the bracelets is very different.

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11-07-02 Chinese Silver and Wood Bracelets

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High grade silver (tests 900) and carved teak ...with a clasp at the center front ... one has two silver dragons ...the other four silver coy fish. It is not unusual to find Chinese bamboo bracelets but theses are the only Chinese teak bracelets that I have seen.

Many of the Chinese bracelets that we see were produced by a workshop that included a silversmith, an enameller and a carver.

The pieces made by #23 always suggest the work of an artist - looking for new forms of expression... jewelry as an art form.

Singapore RE 2.5.2