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Our blogs have always used two terms to describe Chinese enamels: cloisonné and Canton enamel ...but there is a third type of Chinese Enamel ...

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11-07-09 Chinese Ronde-bosse Enamel Ornaments

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The French call it "Ronde-bosse" and have used the technique since the 14th century. These are three examples that I have picked up over the years - each circa 1890-1910 ... they all appear to be custom made pieces.

The mirror is the most unusual; repoussé sea creatures - lobster, frog, turtle etc. with a jade handle. The bookends have a lotus at the center with two Shou symbols ... and the box was painted with subtle shades and tones.

This is not mass production... this is an unknown Chinese artist enjoying his craft.

"Ronde-bosse, en ronde bosse or encrusted enamel is an enamelling technique developed in France in the late 14th century that produces small three-dimensional figures, or reliefs, largely or entirely covered in enamel."

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