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We have featured a number of these necklaces on the blog over the years … there is something very special and compelling about them. One can only imagine the history that they have witnessed …the stories that they could tell!

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11-07-12 Chinese Court Necklace

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Lately, there seem to be a number of them being offered on the market… mostly through eBay and the quality and prices vary wildly. Some are obvious fakes that have been thrown together to take advantage of the interest in the market, some are reconstructions from several different necklaces … and there is much debate about what is ‘original’ vs. ‘restored’… and given the age of the delicate silk thread that was used, necklaces may have been restrung during the Qing Dynasty or modified by an owner as they rose in rank at the court. It is a difficult evaluation to make.

This necklace is a ‘Partial’ … a term we use to denote that some of the beads are missing but that all of the major elements are original to the necklace. At some point in time, the silk thread must have broken and 12 of the original 108 beads were lost. The necklace was restrung with the remaining 96 beads distributed evenly with the head beads…

The workmanship and quality of these exquisite enameled beads, lead me to believe that there is nothing ‘partial’ about its beauty!

Singapore RE 2.5.2