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Our Best Chinese Silver Dragon Bracelet! Over the years we have owned many silver dragon bracelets and I always believed that the large repoussť silver dragon (10-05-11) was the most dramatic... over the years we have acquired three of them and seen 4-5 others.

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11-07-22 Chinese Silver Enamel Dragon Bracelet

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So it was really exciting to find this enamel dragon bracelet -same design and size (six panels) with dragons facing the sun - but totally different construction - this one is entirely filigree and and translucent with bright colors on the dragons and sun... and very rare.

It is the only one that I have seen in ten years of collecting ...interesting early mark: CHINA PURE SILVER with lots of patina.

Many years ago I polished every piece of silver but soon over the years I have come to believer that the patina is an import part of the story... part of the history.

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