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Chinese Export Silver Glass Bracelet

This is a beautiful example of Chinese silver work combined with the ‘Western taste’ for gemstone bracelets… probably made in the 30’s by studio #23 and sold by another jewelry shop, what impresses me the most is the quality of the cut glass and the way it reflects light…

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12-06-24 Chinese Silver  Glass Bracelet

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Many Chinese Export Silver collectors consider 'glass' to be inferior to hard stones such as jade or turquoise but the process of creating a clear and beautifully colored glass is an art form in itself. These deep blue pieces should probably be termed 'crystal' and have the qualities of finest 'leaded glass' found in the West and are almost perfectly matched. I find nothing inferior about it.

My first thought was that the glass cabs might be a replacement for earlier stones but the construction and design is so exact, it becomes obvious that it was 'intentionally' created... yet another unique piece from #23… and created for the export market.

A wonderful combination of two art forms… definitely designed to be noticed when worn!

Singapore RE 2.5.2