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Chinese Antique Carved Lapis Bracelet

Over the years, long before we started doing this blog, Bob and I have collected over five hundred pieces of Chinese ornaments… and that does not include pieces that ‘did not make the grade’ and were sold in shops and at shows.

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12-07-30 Chinese Silver Carved Lapis Bracelet

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So last week when I went through the PictureBook section, I discovered that only six pieces were lapis… so I am thrilled to share with you the best lapis bracelet we have had in the collection.

The stones are early 19th century carvings and reset in the early 20th century in a traditional silver setting with Repoussé flowers and leaves … the lapis has beautiful carving… and also retains the original character of the stone with grey and pyrite sparkled highlights… not found in the dyed lapis we see so much of these days.

In the blog, other articles on lapis can be found by using the search function on the site… so I will not comment on the history of the use of the lapis stone here… but it was very special which just adds to the uniqueness of this piece.

Along the way, someone obviously cleaned the silver too thoroughly and some of the patina was lost… but it is making its way back slowly and surely. Someday it will return because this bracelet has hundreds of years of life left in it… and hopefully will always be treasured!

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