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Antique Chinese Vermeil Coral Turquoise Bracelet

The bracelet pictured directly below is not the Antique bracelet in the title… it is a ‘vintage’ Chinese silver vermeil enameled bracelet with glass faux turquoise cabs instead of stones… the ‘antique’ bracelet is pictured below it.

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12-10-29 Antique Chinese Coral Turquoise Silver Bracelet-Posted

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The vintage piece is certainly striking! The quality of the workmanship is very good and many of the techniques, especially the enamel work, are excellent.

But certain ‘shortcuts’ have been taken that become more obvious when the construction is compared between the vintage and antique bracelets below… and there is the use of ‘faux’ glass rather than stones… which only a physical examination can determine.

I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to offer it to a customer as a ‘quality vintage piece’. It is when it is offered for sale as an ‘antique’ to an uninformed buyer …which one can see from the photos would be possible… I become worried that the old adage ‘buyer beware’ has become all too true for new collectors… especially when they are buying from photographs on the internet…

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