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Chinese Antique Yellow Court Beads

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13-01-03 Chinese Antique Yellow Peking Beads

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We have featured Chinese glass beads before. In March of 2010, we did a post on a similarly carved set of beads and highlighted the beautiful knotting that was used to string them.

But these 19th century golden yellow beads are a very special set and help illustrate the importance of color for Chinese beads.

“The five colors is the name given to the five basic colors in the Chinese world order. Each, (color) is associated with one of the five basic elements…

The five colors are; red, white, blue/green, yellow and black…but crimson, red and yellow were only used by nobility and forbidden to commoners. Chinese Art: B. B. Welch

So, I was very excited to find these hand carved beads –they must have been owned by a member of the royal family… this is the first yellow set that I have ever seen and the color is spectacular!

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