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Antique Chinese Silver Jade Broach Conversion

I found a lovely antique Chinese broach with a beautiful 19th century jadeite carving ...butterflies and flowers and set in a intricate silver setting. The pin was missing, clasp broken… but it was an ideal piece to use for a necklace.

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13-03-22 Antique Chinese Silver Jade Broach Conversion

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Silver solder can't be used near a gemstone because the heat could crack the stone and other soldering techniques are not dependable. So, in the past, converting a broach to a pendant posed a big challenge, a great deal of time and it created quite a dilemma; risk cracking the beautiful jade or possibly damaging the wonderful intricate silver setting beyond repair by removing the stone from it.

Today, laser technology solves that problem and my wonderful jeweller Ralph Schroetter owns one... so it was possible to fuse the silver without risking damage. We mounted two silver loops allowing me to add the jade beads and a silver clasp.

Preserving a beautiful example of Chinese workmanship… a combination of old and new techniques comes together in harmony for a change.

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