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Chinese Imperial Yellow Porcelain Beads

In my September 2011 blog I wrote:

“The Emperor’s Beads” … these are the only beads that have ever made me cry … I bought them online four years ago… and when I opened the package I found out that Customs had opened the box – unwrapped the beads and had broken 21 beads… I was so upset that I put the box in the back of the closet and didn’t look at them until a few months ago…. These are the most amazing beads that I have ever owned …"

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13-04-15 Chinese Imperial Yellow Porcelain Beads

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Well, in a half hearted attempt, I started to restring them but after an hour or so put them back into the drawer… and there they sat… again for years. Bob has been working with Michael Cook on the Mandarin Court Restoration and Michael created a run of white plied silk for him.

The other day he asked me to come out to the studio… and there they were… strung as they once had been… on a neck form where I could see them every day!

Now I have a different name for them… The Beads that finally made me smile!

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